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The Narwhal Web contains a variety of many different things to do. We have a game page; with all your favorite original games, a video page with some funny videos, a photo gallery, links to other fun websites, gifs, a talking hand puppet, and a lot more! Enjoy your stay!

Enjoy your stay, fellow Narwhalians!
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    Get ready for some facts!

    -Good narwhals are: Digital Narwhal, Regular Narwhal, Land Narwhal, & Prehistoric Narwhal

    -This site needs more content

    -Making a website looks very hard and it "is"

    -National Narwhal Day is April 22nd

    -Heinz Ketchup was recentley advertising a cookie recipe on the back of their ketchup bottles. The cookies are called "Tic-Tac-Toe Cookies". The ingredients contain all your normal peanut-butter cookie ingredients, but since it's Heinz, they added ketchup.

    -A .gif file (moving image) is pronouned jif, not gif

    -I need more facts

    -The Earth's 3rd hottest layer is called the Mantle

    -Don't eat the orange stuff on the trees

    -15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance

    -This fact was removed due to stupidity

    -Peanuts grow underground

    -In Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Albania, nodding your head means "no"

    -Mt. Everest grows about 0.1576 inches (about four milimeters) each year

    -Opossums are not rodents

    -"God" is the only character in The Simpsons with five fingers

    -Killer whales are actually dolphins

    -Giraffes have extremely high blood pressure

    -Cashews come from a fruit

    -The piano is a string instrument

    -It is not illegal to lie on the news (television)

    -Time speeds up in higher elevations

    -A group of narwhals is called a group, a blessing, or a pod

    -I don't debug things, but when I do, they're even worse than before

    -Narwhal has seven letters

    -Seven is my favorite number

    -Narwhal is my favorite word

    -Squackers the Morbidly Obese MLG Dolphin died 4/28/16

    -I'm seriously running out of facts please help and email me some

    -< html:really_good_fact:true:javascript.error/falsejFAU%u^&AUFHBvg^%SDTFAUKbid.html>

    Here are some awesome links!

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  • Photowhal
  • sleepsquad_ Instagram
  • Sketchy Website
  • Hack-tastic Attempt
  • Staggering Beauty
  • Time Waster
  • The Last Page of the Internet
  • National Day Calendar
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • "Google"
  • Agario
  • YouTube
  • Cosmos Gaming
  • Steam
  • MiniClip
  • Addicting Games
  • Kongregate
  • Crumbles
  • Big-Ass Message
  • Coming Soon...

    Here is a good diet to live on:

    BreakfastBefore DinnerAfter Lunch
    Deep Fried Bacon (380 cals)Bacon Sandwich (370 cals)Bacon Noodles (250 cals)

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